Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chatty Cathy
To say Vi is a talker is an understatement. Strangers comment to me all the time on how talkative she is. Violet really loves to give the whole store a play by play of what is going on around her. She is sometimes shy when she first meets people but for the most part that is gone in about a minute and she will just start telling you all kinds of things. Here are some of the funny ones we have gotten lately. 

1- Mike always says "come on" when he is buckling Vi into her carseat. He struggles with the buckle a bit. So now Vi says "come on dad" all the time. It's pretty funny. She also says come here.

2- I taught Vi what poop was last week. I have been trying to explain why we do certain things like change diapers and clean our ears. Ya know, all the really fun things that kids cooperate for. So now Vi will inform me by saying " Uh oh poop mom. Bye bye poop". It is nice because I always know when she has a poopy diaper. 

3- When Violet wants you to move she will say "pardon me". That one kills me every time.

4- When she wants us to pick her up she will say " want to hold you mama"

5- This one isn't really anything special but she has started saying " Hey dad". She thinks she is a teenager or something. She also say hey guys or hello everyone.

6- Violet refers to herself with everything these days. Violet's shoe, Violet's milk, Violet's seat, and on and on all day long. She likes to tell everyone which one is theirs. 

7- She sings happy birthday, twinkle twinkle, and counts to 10.

8- she says bless you mama or bless you dada when we sneeze and of course bless you Violet when she sneezes.

I'm sure there are some good ones that I am forgetting but I'll have to add them in later. Life is starting to get funny around here and I love it! I snapped a few pictures of Vi in these jammies she has. She was killing me with the belly popping out and the total bed head. She also has this strange obsession with sticking her face in the rug in her room. She is a weirdo. 

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