Monday, July 7, 2014

Peony Time

I think it is pretty apparent from my wedding that I love peonies. So when we found out last year that Ann Arbor had a huge peony garden, I just about lost it. I was so glad that they came out in full force before we headed off on vacation. We just got back last night and I am trying to play catch up with life right now.  So even though this was a month ago I am still going to do a crazy picture overload. Or maybe I am just trying to put off all the other stuff I need to do today. 
Vi girl was loving life. There were flowers and there were dogs. Violet really doesn't need much more than that in life. Maybe some pirates booty here and there but really I think the flowers and dogs would do the trick.
Mike is such a trooper and walked around with Vi chasing her and carrying her on his shoulders. He is a good sport about going to see flowers because he knows I love them. What a keeper right? There are all kinds of updates for Vi but that will be a post for when I have more energy and enthusiasm.  I love this girl and this guy. They make me happy and they are pretty dang cute.

amazing right??

This is when a large group of Asian women decided to stop and take pictures of Violet. She didn't really know how to handle this.

killing it

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