Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Holland Tulip Festival
Last week there was only one day that would work for us to go to Holland for their annual tulip festival. So we climbed in the Allen's minivan and made the trek. The weather was kind of cold and we were a little underwhelmed with the amount of tulips. I had been to the one at Thanksgiving Point in Utah and just kind of assumed it would be big like that. It was still really pretty and such a cute town. We really love visiting it. The kids got to ride a 100 year old marry-go-round. We tried on wooden clogs and got a tour of the windmill from the 1800's. We also got to go into their little market and try on lots of awesome fur hats. The guy running the place was a character to say the least. He informed us about how the FBI has all the records of the heads of PETA and that they are a terrorist group. It was interesting... We got dinner and fudge in town and watched some dutch dancers take over the downtown streets. It was a really fun day and I'm glad we went out and saw it. Here are a bunch of pictures of our outing. 

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