Saturday, July 28, 2012

White Coat Ceremony

Mike had his official white coat ceremony yesterday. It was a really great program and they had a few really good speakers. They went through his whole class giving each person their coat and then there was a reception after.
 The fab 5 as they have no become known. 
Trevor Ryan Mike Patrick and Topher

All the wives together.
Kristin Kylie Dani and Me( I realize now this dress was not so flattering)
The dramatic putting on of the coat

I told Mike to turn and look at me so that I could get a good shot. Clearly this is Mike's I hate that I have to do this face. 

Yes I am married to the serious one in the group

Dinner after at Grizzly Peak was wonderful. We pretty much had to roll ourselves out but it was worth it.

Congrats to my amazing husband. He has worked so hard to get to this point and they pointed out so many times to the students that they earned their way into dental school. It was not just given to them or an act of chance. I was really hoping that Mike listened to that part. I have heard him say before that he doesn't know how he got into such a good school. I always get mad at him because I know that he earned it and he worked hard to get this far. He may not think so but I know so. So here we come the next 4 years!!

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