Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's A Girl!
So I never did an official blog post about the gender of baby Reid. Gosh I am already a negligent mother. We found out the day before our 2 year anniversary that we are expecting a little miss this October. Was I excited...? I feel like it has been my calling in life to have at least one girl. I mean come on I live for all things cute and bows galore!! Mike is super excited to have a little snuggle bug, but he has already started stressing about who she is going to date. We are just so excited to meet her and she has decided to become very mobile in the last week or so. She gives me lots of loving kicks. Here are some pictures Dayna took of me sporting the beginnings of my baby bump.

 Kate loves little miss
 She also approves of her gender

 Clearly I feel very comfortable about this picture

 It's really hard to have Mike take serious baby pictures