Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Little Michigan Update
I am going to try and take pictures today of our apartment. I have been busy with some projects I am working on and adjusting to being a stay at home wife. We have really loved our past few weeks in Michigan. My last moments in Utah with my family were super hard for me. I cried a lot. It had nothing to do with not wanting to go to Michigan. It was all about my family. I am so lucky to be so close to my siblings and parents and extended family. It is just so hard to not see them all the time. I promise I am very excited for our new adventure but I will be the first to admit that I miss my family every day.

 The drive was honestly not that bad. We did it in 2 days ( we are rock star drivers). We listened to the book Unbroken and that held our attention so well. It honestly felt like the drive flew by. When we were just a few hours outside of Ann Arbor I got a call from my dad asking if I could pick up my mom from the airport the next day at 2:00. I was so excited. My mom stayed for 4 days and helped us get everything unpacked and cleaned and organized and decorated. It meant so much to me that she wanted to help and it was a life saver to have her here with my pregnant body not doing everything it used to do. I honestly can't believe how fast we did it all. My mom is one of the hardest workers I know. It was so great because it made us feel like we were home with everything all set up. Of course I cried as we dropped her off. . I miss her so much. It has forced us to make friends quickly here, which I am grateful for. 

We are seriously so lucky to have 4 other dental school D1 couples in our ward. They have become our new family. Just in the past week we have met a few more graduate student couples. We really feel like we have a great friend base here and it has only been 3 weeks. Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to but I promise to be better about actually taking pictures. 

 Mike's first day of Dental School. What a hottie right?

 This is Trevor Allen one of the other LDS D1 students. 
 Mike and I spent a night up at Top of the Park. They have live music and food vendors. We went up the other night and watched the movie Dirty Dancing on a big blow up screen. It was really fun.

 We walked around campus and got some pictures of the buildings. It is honestly such a beautiful campus. We couldn't get all the pictures we wanted because of construction. I'm sure there will be a follow up post.

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