Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Crafts

Yes I made more glitter pumpkins and a new Fall leaf garland for our mantle. It was just meant to be though. I was out shopping and got a whole bag of the smaller pumpkins and the 2 glass beaded ones for 3 dollars. That's a screamin deal folks. I did suffer some serious hot glue burns from this project. That is a lot of leaves on there. Mike got me hooked on the new show Pan Am, so I just plugged away while watching all the episodes. It was so easy as long as you have a paper cutter that scores. I did do it over 2 weeks so if you are going to make one of your own be prepared. I have a few ideas for our Christmas mantle, but since we will be gone in Florida most of the holiday, I am going to have to pull that together ASAP. I have a feeling I will still be using glitter. 


brynne frei said...

laureeen! that leaf garland is fanTAStic. i'm dying over it. well done, gf. wish i could say i'm surprised but really, i'm not. i'll just continue to be impressed by all the things you create. miss you!

Rach said...

cute cute cute Lauren! I love your home. It was so nice to be there for the ward luncheon a little while ago. Can't wait to see your Christmas decorations!! Post 'em girl. :-)

Deb Foglia said...

I love the gold frames against the dark wall...this mantel is styled so beautifully!