Monday, November 14, 2011

My Latest Project

So I made a garland very similar to this for our mantle for Thanksgiving. The only difference is I used a lot more green and I had more variety in my colors. I did use the gold ink pad but a lot of my paper was metallic and it didn't show up as well. I still love it. It was so cheap to make and it looks really pretty with my glitter pumpkins. I will get some pictures up soon once I make a few more finishing touches. 
I was trying to find some pictures to post of anything we have done recently. Yeah you can guess it. I had none. But I did find some from about a month ago when  mike and I were going on a date and decided to document it. So I thought I would throw them on for fun.

There we are in all our glory. I'm making more pillows this week for our couch and possible painting a dresser. If I am really lucky I will make some progress on my Christmas skirt that I started over conference weekend. Yeah it's a very time consuming skirt. You will see why some day.

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Anna Peterson said...

I'm so glad you added your blog! It is fun seeing your projects. They are so beautiful. Can't wait to see the pillows!