Monday, December 12, 2011

The Gingerbread House
 2011 Edition
Last year my mom and I made a new pattern for the gingerbread house. We have been making one ever since I can remember. In the last few years the mentality of it all has changed to "Go Big or Go Home". This year we added a few more things and went with a whole new roof. It was a long process and my mom needs a lot of credit on this one. She has been feeling super sick lately and still powered through it all to keep this tradition alive. So here are a few pictures from Saturday. Special thanks go to Mike, Steve, Dayna and Kate. This was a group effort.

Check out that chocolate rock foundation.
 pretty sweet right?
notice mikes satellite dish hahah

 New flower boxes this year

 we attempted to dormer window this year. It was an architectural challenge but we prevailed.
 Max made a soccer ball....

 Steve and Dayna rocked the chimney.


Tessa said...

Lauren this is ridiculous and amazing! Seriously! I'm so impressed!

Sydney said...

AMAZING! You guys need to enter it in the contest at the Grand America. I would vote for you!

Carolyn said...

You are amazing! WIsh I could see it in person...whose house does it get to live in?

Amanda and William said...

Insanity. Seriously. These are nuts. They have a huge gingerbread display at a fancy hotel here in the city- Yall would top their's for sure.