Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hocus Pocus and a Lot of Glitter
These are the things that my Halloween season consisted of. Dayna and I got on a serious DIY kick this year and I totally loved it. My house looked so festive. I have now become motivated to do a mantle for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will see how long my enthusiasm lasts on that one. We made our own glitter pumpkins this year which I seriously loved. Clearance pumpkins and half off super fine glitter are pretty much magic words to me right now. We made cute silhouettes of witches and crows. And last but not least we did the cute DIY Halloween banner on Me Oh My Mama. I also  decided to decorate with my fully decked out witch hat from our witches night out at Gardner Village. We also had the pleasure of doing a blast from the past night with Sam and Dave where we watched hocus pocus, ate cookie dough and watched a childhood fav.
Sorry for the very crappy pictures. I ran into the room and took a few in the middle of carving pumpkins

Now for the Activities 
We had our annual pumpkin carving extravaganza ( Doesn't that word make it sound like we went all out) We popped in my spooky sounds CD that my mom gave me my freshman year of college and carved away. Here are some of the results from the photo shoot after. Please excuse the running hair and clothes. It nasty I know.

And of course Dave rocking his sail boat pumpkin
And last but not least our Costumes. Mike found the idea this year. We thought we would go for the theme that has been consuming our lives for the past 6 months... Dental School! So here we are Mr. Tooth and the Tooth fairy.

We might have pulled these costumes together the 3 hours before the Party. There might have been a good amount of hot glue used b/c of the time constraints. We figure we can just reuse the pillow when our kids lose their teeth. I mean who doesn't want a giant tooth to sleep on?

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