Sunday, October 16, 2011

Playing Catch up
Surprise surprise I stink at blogging once again. I have had a serious wake up call over the past few weeks. I have now realized I have about zero personal time in the day. Remember awhile back when I said I was going to try and blog every FHE. Wow I failed miserably at that one. So no more promises about blogging all the time. I'll do it when I can and that's life right? So since the last time I blogged I had my golden birthday, the big 25 and ran a 10k and had another wedding. Life has been craziness. Mike had his first dental school interview at Michigan. It went awesome! We have both been all over the place and realized that we hardly see each other. We have decided this probably needs to change. So lets hope I get better at managing everything I have to do and that I can actually get more pictures up of all the projects I do. I have decorated for Halloween and maybe before that holiday actually rolls around I will have some pictures up. For the time being here are some pictures of what we have been up to.

 The whole group in the muddy finish line
 Steve looks like he is a different race
 Muddy love
 The girls just posin it up
Me being my fierce self . Dayna and kate cheesing it  
 I put this up because it might be one of the worst pictures of Kate and I. I look like I am about to barf and kate is high kick gone wrong. I did get some nice air though.
Just working that mud the best way I know how. 
 Biggest Loser love. I actually kind of freaked out and ran up to Moses and said" Oh my gosh you're Moses." Maybe I was a little star struck.
Hottie washing off 
Kate and I sucked it up and went in the cold showers. It was just a tad bit chilly. 
 The second love of my life at my birthday dinner. Couldn't you just eat those cheeks?
 Girls and Vin
Love. Yeah we really are that cool.

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