Friday, August 26, 2016

These Girls
Boy where do I start? These two have been putting me through the ringer lately. I know it's nice to always paint our families in this perfect light on social media, but sometimes I feel like I need to be real about life. 3 has been a hard age for Vi. The last few months have been super hard with her. Moving from Michigan and then being in Utah and then down to Mississippi has really done a number on her. She is having a hard time adjusting with everything going on. We have been having a lot of battles and she has really been testing her limits with what she can get away with. I'm tired. It takes so much energy as a mom to try to do what you think is best and right and..... It's so hard. Vi has struggled a lot too with being too rough with Grace. As soon as Grace started walking their relationship changed a lot. I'm always shocked with how much Grace will put up with. I'm hoping the more we get settled the better her behavior will be. She doesn't like church right now and we are working on making new friends for everyone. It has been an adjustment, but I think things will get better. 
On a more positive note with Vi, she is really taking off with our preschool we are doing together. She goes to a coop preschool once a week, but she works with me everyday on letters and numbers and coloring. She knows all her upper and lowercase letters and we are just starting to learn how to write them. She knows about 75% of the sounds of the letters. She can identify 1-20 and can count objects successfully in those quantities. She is seriously amazing at coloring. She outlines all the lines and then stays completely in the lines. She is a really bright girl. She loves makeup right now and loves to play pretend and dress up. You can always find her with a purse and lip gloss. She is getting to be very independent. . She likes to put on her own clothes and shoes and buckle herself in her car seat. Things take longer, but I am glad she is getting more independent. She just started ballet this last week and is already loving it. She is really creative and very stubborn.
Gracie girl is a full on crack up lately. She tries to say almost any word and has a huge vocabulary. She asks for things in almost full sentences. She will follow Vi anywhere and always wants to be playing with her. She is loud, boy is she loud. This girl just likes to scream for the heck of it. Ughhh, it drives me nuts. It is honestly so freaking loud. I'm hoping that phase wears off soon. She is really such a good girl. She goes with the flow and gives snuggles all day long. She loves to read books and has her favorites ( Corduroy, Good Night Gorilla , The Very Busy Spider, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom) She loves to brush her hair and teeth.  She is down to one nap as of last week. She goes to bed at 7:30 and wakes up at about 7:00-7:15 in the morning. She loves Milk! She makes the funniest faces and has a lot of expressions. She is so much busier than Vi was. This girl will climb on things and try to get out of her highchair and is just running full speed. She wants to go down slides at the park and climb any and all stairs. She keeps me on my toes. She is also obsessed with flushing toilets. She is so funny and in one of my favorite stages. She is such a sweetie and luckily she is making this harder transition with Vi a little easier.

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