Friday, August 19, 2016

We did it! Mike graduated from Dental School on May 6th. It was such an amazing day. My parents both flew out . Greg and Sherril flew out and Joyce and Allison. It was so great to have them all come and celebrate Mike. We obviously missed out on a lot of family things over the past 4 years because we live so far away. In many ways it was really hard on us to not be a part of so many things. So this meant a lot to us to have all those people there and for them to see everything Mike had done. I don't think anyone really knew the amount of work and time he put into those 4 years until his ceremony. They had wonderful speakers and they really let all those parents and family members know just how amazing of a program this is. They graduated from the number 1 dental school in the country and the number 2 in the world. I had many proud moments during the whole thing. We are just so excited that this stage in his education is complete and that he had such an amazing experience! My amazing friend Raegan watched Grace during the ceremony so that we wouldn't have to deal with a crazy child. I started crying when I saw her after the ceremony. I think one of the hardest parts for us will be leaving our friends. The tears pretty much just kept coming all weekend.

We attempted to get a picture of all the kids but a domino affect happened and most of them ended up on the ground. We started dental school with just Dexter and Violet wasn't born yet. We ended our time there with 8 kids and one in utero.

This would be right as Dani and I started crying. I think it just hit both of us at that moment. This would be the beginning of many tears that weekend.

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