Friday, August 19, 2016


Once we made it back to Utah from the Dominican Republic we got adjusted to life at my parent's house and then headed down to California for the week of memorial day. We got a few beach days in, which was great and a little pool time too. We had a lot of family time at the park and at Dave and Caitlin's house. We had a family dinner on Sunday with everyone, which was really fun for the kids. We spent a morning up in LA trying some great food. Vi and Mike were able to go to an Angles game. I stayed home with Grace, who had croup (again). Vi had a ton of fun over at Doug and Kristin's house playing with Sean in his car and playing kitchen with Kathryn. Grace just had a fun time following everyone around and getting to play with new toys constantly. She was particularly attached to her cousin Tyler. It was very cute. We also got to spend a day at the San Diego Zoo. Unfortunately, Grace had a seriously rough day. She refused to nap in her stroller and was kind of a wreck. Mike had to take her out during lunch so she could get a power nap in. Vi had been transitioning out of her nap and fell asleep in the stroller for a bit too. It was a long day for both of them, but they did love seeing all the animals and running around with all their cousins. The girls did really well on both car rides. They had gone through a lot of travel and were troopers through it all. We had a great time and hopefully we can make it for the 4th next year if Mike's schedule allows for it!

This was right after we made the drive from Utah to California. Grace had a major blowout and so we let her run around in the buff for a bit to air out.

This was pretty nasty because somehow Vi gave grace a granola bar and it was all over her carseat while she was sleeping. 

Mike got Violet her very own Angel's hat so she could match daddy.

Violet was also really excited about the rally monkey.

The brothers Reid

Grace was all about this baby pool

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