Monday, March 21, 2016

Grace at 11 Months

This girl has gotten a lot faster at crawling lately. I guess I can't really call it crawling. She has mastered the one legged scoot. She pulls up on everything and tries to go from each piece of furniture to the next. She has had a few good tumbles, but she is getting tougher. She still takes 2 naps a day and is sleeping about 11-11.5 hours at night. 

She loves to eat. I swear she is most happy when she is eating. She loves bread, cheese, grapes and blue berries the most. We have gotten her to eat chicken a little bit. She still mostly gets her veggies and meat through baby food. She likes oatmeal and eggs and cherrios at breakfast. She will beg for cheese pretty much every time she is in her chair. she tried whole milk for the first time and loved it. She guzzles water. We try to feed her whatever we are eating and I would say she does a pretty good job.

 She loves to follow Vi around and scoot under the kitchen table. She loves cows. Any book that has a cow she just loves. That is the only animal noise she has really mastered. She has done dog and horse a few times, but cow is the only one she really knows. She is getting more into books these days. She will sit and look at them and really loves to be read to. She still loves to chew on everything and her 2 bottom and 2 top teeth are fully in now. She likes to follow me around a lot. She is much more clingy than Vi was. She has become my little shadow. She likes to play with Vi, but every since Grace started moving Vi has been a bit of a rough sister. She loves to squeeze grace and pull her places. It's loads of fun for me. We are working on it. 

Grace can point out your nose and belly button ( bee bo is what she knows it as, thanks to the Sandra Boynton book) She has started to pretend to tickle people and she will play peek a boo with you. She still claps a lot. She has started to rub her hand down my face when I say be soft.
 The other day we were driving and Violet was singing really loud. We started hearing Grace made this funny kind of singing noise. We really think she was trying to sing along with Vi. She has started doing little dances when she hears music. She has also really started to love giving stuffed animals hugs. She likes to copy me when I tilt my head from side to side. She is getting pretty sturdy and can take a few steps before she lunges for you. She is starting to chunk up a bit and is nice and squishy just like Vi. Her hair is filling in everywhere except the sides of her head haha. She understands a lot of what we say to her. We will ask her if she wants things and she will look at us with a smile and give us these funny little nods and kind of try to say yes. She is a funny little things and we just love her to pieces. I can't believe she is almost one. She is such a joy in our house!

WORDS: moo, cheese, please, mo(more), bre(bread) daddy, mama, tate (kate) no(nose) boo(book) 

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