Monday, February 15, 2016


For our ward party, we all dressed up as characters from The Little Mermaid. Obviously, our costumes revolved around Vi. It was super fun. It is always pretty time consuming to pull it all together. This year we got lucky and we had pretty big items that were all done and ready to go. I made Violet's mermaid tail in August with my grandma. That one was tricky because we were trying to make sure that she would be able to walk. My mom had a lobster costume for Grace to be Sebastian. I found a pretty sweet dress at the thrift store as the base for my Ursula costume. Mike had a long white lab coat from school. We had to add a lot to it, but in the end this Halloween wasn't too bad in the costume department. Grace's costume was not very warm and it was a bit big on her. I decided she needed her own real costume for actual Halloween. So she was the cutest little lamb there ever was. We had dinner before with our friends and let the kids play a bit before we headed out. It got pretty cold and rainy on Halloween and Vi had a nice melt down about half way into our night. She still had a lot of fun, but after 2 days of full sugar and terrible naps, we cut trick or treating short, got our kids in the tub and in bed early. I really can't stand being in the cold that long either when we are trick or treating. We have not lucked out on good Halloween weather the past few years. I really love this holiday and I hope our kids always have as much fun as we do. I think we might have one more year of family costumes before our kids have more of an opinion.  

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