Thursday, May 28, 2015


I am trying to get better at documenting the things going on with the girls, but these first few weeks have really kept me on my toes. I opened my shop for a few days and Mike had his tonsils out. So I am finally getting around to it. Violet has been great with Grace. She is so sweet and soft with her. There hasn't been any lashing out or anger towards Grace and I am so thankful for that! She always wants to touch her and wake her up from naps. So we are trying to work on that a little bit. She wants to be right by grace when I am changing her clothes. She wants to be in the tub and helping with washing her too. She is pretty good about giving her a binkie when I ask. It sort of depends on Vi's mood for how helpful she is. Sometimes Vi will try to brush Grace's hair or put something on her and is a little too rough. But, honestly she has been so great and I could not ask for a sweeter big sister. She always talks in a soft little voice to her and tells her it is okay and that Violet is here. It's darling. I am happy they have each other. Vi did act out towards Mike and I for the first few weeks right after we brought Grace home, but luckily she has gotten over that and is back to her normal diva, toddler self. I got a few pictures of the girls the other day after I had changed Grace. They have turned into some of my favorites. It just melts my heart to finally see them together. 

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