Friday, July 10, 2015

 The Peonies
This is one of my favorite traditions we have started since moving to Michigan. The garden up on campus is so beautiful. Last year Vi was so good about letting me take pictures of her. This year I could not keep her still for more than a few seconds. She was running around and playing like crazy. She was all caught up in the magical flower world. I loved it. This is the small window of time in Michigan where it isn't cold anymore and it isn't crazy humid yet. We were leaving town just a few days after so we didn't get to wait for all of the peonies to come out. This was one of our last outings with the Blomquists while they were here. I loved seeing Deacon and Violet running around together and Scarlet and Grace being all cute. We are going to miss having them here our last year. They have become some of our best friends. I'm not sure if  we will still be here next year to catch one more peony season, so this may be our last time going. I'm just glad we made it and maybe we will bring our kids back one day to see this place!

This is as good as it was going to get with our crew haha.

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