Thursday, May 28, 2015

Grace at 1 month

This lovely little girl has one of the sweetest dispositions you will ever meet. There is just something about her that is so feminine and dainty. She adores her dad and Vi. Whenever either of them are around her she settles and watches them. She gave us some of her first real smiles just this last week. They were a little bit harder to come by at first, but now she is easy to light up. She is right up there with Vi as a gassy, gassy baby. My poor kids have got it rough in that department. She has this cry that is just heartbreaking when she has gas. I have tried changing my diet but it doesn't seem to help much. So we stick her in the bouncer and try to push her legs up whenever is gets bad. Luckily that is about the only struggle she has. Nothing else really seems to get her very worked up. She really doesn't like to be alone either. She is a good eater and sleeper. She had a little bit of trouble with swallowing too much air while nursing. She seems to have gotten over that in the first few weeks.

She is smaller than Vi was at her age, even though they weighed practically the same amount. She is still in newborn clothes( she is now 7 weeks old). She can wear some 0-3 month stuff but it is all pretty big on her still. She gives me a good 5 hour stretch at night and then a 3-4 hour one after that. She goes to bed around 9 so unless i go to bed early I miss some of that good long one. She is a great nurser and spits up a lot more than Vi did. She loves the car, which has been so awesome! Vi hated the car so much at her age. It really made it a lot harder to go out and do things and not lose my mind from all the crying. She is still not sure about the bath. The first few times we put her in she screamed and was not a fan. Now she just sits there with a bit of a panicked look on her face. Its pretty funny. Vi loves to help with giving her tubs. 

We are adjusting to two and it is going pretty smoothly so far, but we have our first flight in a week and a half and ill be doing it solo. I'm just a tad bit nervous for that one. Both girls are making life fun, crazy and pretty adorable( minus the total sass and tude Vi gives out on occasion). We are just so happy to have our girls.

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