Sunday, July 13, 2014

Beach Day With Cousins
So while we were in California over the 4th I realized I didn't bring my camera charger. Awesome right?? So I only have one day of pictures from our trip. Luckily Kristen snapped a bunch for us on the 4th. So here is our one day really documented. The weather was really nice while we were there. We got lucky and the June gloom wasn't really an issue the whole trip. We watched a lot of World Cup and had plenty of cousin time. This day we met up with Kristen and the kids at the beach for the afternoon. We caught a lot of sand crabs, made Katherine into a mermaid, and buried Vi at least a couple times. The only down side was that we all got a little sunburned. Violet and Katherine were little buddies this trip and it was pretty adorable. She was such a sweetheart with Vi and Violet could not get enough of her. We love having beach time with family. It seemed like such a fast trip but we did do a lot of really fun things. I will have to do an I-phone blog post of what I captured on my phone. We are excited for our next trip back.

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