Friday, October 3, 2014

Make Way for Ducklings
I'm starting my serious catch up of the summer. I got to throw a fun little shower for my friend Kylie in July with my friend Dani. Kylie's husband Topher is in dental school with Mike. She was due with a little boy, who was born in August. Dani and I planned a " Make Way for Ducklings" shower for her. I went a little crazy with my silhouette and made a lot of die cuts. I also made mini strawberry shortcakes and salted caramel rice crispy treats. It was a fun night full of good conversation and really yummy desserts. Kylie loves coke so we did a little coke favor for all the guests. It was so fun to throw a shower again. I really love throwing parties and celebrating people. So this was a nice project for me. Now I just need to get started on all the prep for Violet's birthday.

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