Sunday, October 13, 2013

 11 Months
It's all happening too fast. I know all moms say that and people are like bla bla bla we get it. Seriously though I swear I was just pregnant and we just had a newborn and now my baby is a few weeks away from one. I feel like there is this weird mix being a mom. I want my baby to stay little and small and cuddly forever and then I find myself just counting down until the next big phase or stage in her life. It's like I want a newborn to snuggle all day long but then I am so excited for her first day of kindergarten and backpacks and pigtails. 
Vi's personality comes out more and more every day. Here are her updates for 11 months

No teeth
Standing and walking around as long as she has a hand to hold. She has started shuffling from one object to the next very slowly. She is super timid with standing on her own
Sat up in her crib for the first time
Eats everything. Pretty much anything Mike and I have for dinner Violet eats. Some of her new favorite foods are soup, hummus and beets. She has a preference for which order she eats things. So she will point to the one that she wants and when she feels like a change she points to the next thing.
She is our mocking bird. She copies all the time. She can now tell you what a dog says. She can ask for more and say Dada and Grandma( mamma) her two favorite people. If you say a word or sounds and ask her to say it she will try and copy it.
She waves hello and goodbye and claps after you tell her to. Before she would copy us doing the motion and now she associates it with the word.
She can point to your nose and play peek a boo and is slowly learning patty cake.
She is going through a screaming phase. It's really fun...or not. She isn't mad while she screams it's more that she just likes to hear herself. I on the other hand would prefer not to hear it.
She loves her books. Every morning while I clean up breakfast and make our bed ,I set up Vi with a pile of books and she will just sit and look at them. She has her favorites and when she wants you to read one she will point at you and and make a noise and then point to her books. I will then walk her over and she shows me the book she wants to read.
She loves her little table that she stands at. It has buttons for music and things she can press and flip. She asks to play with it all the time.
She thinks she is really funny. She knows she isn't suppose to drop her zippy cup from her highchair. So she looks at you and smiles and then dangles it over the edge. Then if you say no or give her "the look" she drops it and makes this coy face. She is a rascal.

She is such a fun girl and she is a really fast learner. I took these pictures the other day in a field across the street from our house. She was not in the best mood but luckily playing with Dad brightened her spirits a bit. Yes, she is still totally obsessed with him. She cried the other day when he left for school so we decided to go eat lunch on campus with him. These will show how she loves to stand and how she loves to be with her dad. She is a huge blessing in our little family.
 We love you Vi girl.

 Showing us where daddy's nose is
Watching the airplanes fly over the field. We live right by a small airport

This is a gorgeous quilt my mom made Mike and I when we got married. I love it!

After being set down from standing. Yes apparently it was the end of the world

 Although this looks similar to the last picture she is indeed laughing...really hard
 she is the gummiest baby out there. I mean look at those things!!

She thinks he is pretty hilarious.

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