Sunday, September 29, 2013

Utah Trips

 These two are just the cutest

 Couldn't you just eat him?

 Clearly I have no idea why she started yelling
Love that Jaynie girl 
 twirling with my best girl friend
 Always asking if he can kiss Vi

I guess Vinny hugs a little too hard for Vi and I guess I am a mean mom for laughing

So I realized all my pictures from our Utah trips have been taken on my parent's camera. I decided while I am home again I will take the time to blog about everything while I have the pictures. Our trips to Utah have been a blast. Here is pretty much a list of all the things we did.

1- Swimming in Grandma and Grandpa's pool pretty much every day.
2- Going down to the BYU book store and Slab pizza
3. Play dates at our cousin's house and even a half sleepover while the parents played games
4- A trip to the Provo Rec center to go swimming in the indoor swimming area
5- A trip up to Grandpa Reid's house to have dinner and meet Jack
6- Meeting up with the Smith's for Peach shakes
7- Lunch with Devon at Cafe rio
8- Cookie Sale for Acacia shade and meeting up with the Waltons
9- Watching a BYU football game and going to the outlets
10- Date nights and temple trip for Mike and I
11- 2 visits to Great Grandma Reid and Great Grandma and Grandpa Magleby
12- Meeting Eddy the Puppy and visiting Great Aunt Traci and cousins.
13- Frankie's baby blessing and evening in the park
14- Splash Pad with the cousins
15- Bow show
16- Walk with grandma to see the Animals at Wunderlands
17-Eating at all our favorite places
18- Swimming with the Silvas and Cousins for Labor Day

This week has mostly been hanging out with cousins, going to Max's soccer game, a BYU football game and having a birthday celebration for me. I also got to go to an event called the Handmade creative for business owners of handmade things. My mom and Dayna and I went to Austenland. It has been another super fun trip and if I end up taking more pictures this week I will be sure to post them . For now here are just a ton of pictures of our trips.

Awww young love

I think it is safe to say this girl loves the pool. She is always happy when she is in the water

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MikeReid said...

These are some of the cutest pictures I've seen of Vi. Hands down.