Friday, September 13, 2013

Our Vi is 10 Months

The point

When Vi is done trying to go somewhere she leans 
over like this and just lays there

Seriously she is obsessed with him

Right after she hit her face on Mike's collar bone.

Vi girl is 10 months old. This summer has kind of gotten away from me. We were in Utah for 3 weeks and sick for a week and busy with all kinds of things. I missed Vi's 9 month update so I am trying to play catch up. I have been waiting to get some pictures of her for this post but she has been sick for over a week with puffy eyes and a runny nose and goopy stuff everywhere. So I thought I would give her some time so she could feel like herself. Here are all the new things our sweetie pie has been up to.

-Still no crawling
-Still no teeth
-Waves hello and goodbye
-Does the "how big is Violet" trick
-She points at anything she wants or places she wants to go or lights
-She fake laughs and coughs. She is more likely to do it if she is copying you.
-She says mama and dada 
-She loves thermostats 
-She can stand and hold herself up without help
-She twirls her hands and feet when she is excited
-She is obsessed with animals and especially dogs. She tries to lick them back and squeals with excitement when they come by her. She seriously has no fear.
-Loves the water and is good at getting dunked under and has gotten much better at laying on her back. She could live in the pool
-Her favorite things to eat are mandarin oranges, applesauce, bread, sweet potatoes, cheerios, cheese and yogurt. 
-She is good with a sippy cup
-Love love loves her daddy. After a day of being sick and sleeping the day away with no smiles, all it took was dad coming home and her face lights up. She honestly adores him.
- She is our content little thing. She is happy to sit and play. People comment a lot on how mellow and mild mannered she is. We kind of think that's why she hasn't crawled yet. I think she is just content sitting in her own little spot playing with her toys. I'm in no rush so this is fine by me
-She has tiny feet and only weighs 17 pounds. She is not our super chubbers anymore. 
-Her hair is really starting to fill in. It is a golden color. Not really blond but not brown either. Her eyes are a hazel color( brown green and gray mix). She has olive skin and some sweet fat roll tan lines.
- She rocks back and forth when she hears music.
- Sleeps like a champ and still takes 2 good naps a day
- Starting to really love her binky so we are working on that one.

She is our little joy and I can't believe we are getting so near to her 1st birthday. She really brings so much happiness to the family. I constantly find myself thinking what would I do if I didn't have this sweet girl. I miss the time I am away from her and I love getting to be there for all her new stages. We love our sweet Vi girl.

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