Saturday, August 6, 2011

San Fran Continued 
I almost forgot to post a picture from the night we went out to dinner with Greg and Laura. We hit up Sushi and I actually ate a big piece of eel. Ughhhh the texture of the whole thing made me want to gag. For those of you who don't know weird textures are not my thing. Mike gave me a good pat on the back and told me I never had to do it again. After we went to Mitchell's for some seriously yummy ice cream. I got coconut of course.
 The next day we hit up the exploritorium. The buildings on the outside where we took pictures are from the world's fair back in the day. It was really beautiful. So we had our little photo session before we began the drive to Lake Tahoe .

 Sydney you better believe I took this picture for you. Evelyn in 15 years right? Guys I seriously couldn't help myself. Too great!

Gorgeous Lake Tahoe. We stopped here for dinner and a scenic drive around the Lake. We went to the Char pit upon Brad Masters suggestion. We had ourselves some seriously good Burgers. This was a super fast trip and it was really just for us to get a look at the school and meet some people. It was an awesome get away though and we had such a blast. Who knows maybe next year this is where we will be?


Sydney said...

OMG. That orange is ghastly! But throw the blue in there and that's a combo I can deal with! Consider yourself hired for Evelyn's Quince, Lauren! You might want to start planning now if we want to outdo our friends in the pic.

MikeReid said...

it wasn't eel, it was yellow tail. still proud of you though.