Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Salt Flats
On our way home from San Fran we stopped to take some sweet pictures at the Salt Flats. We ran across the freeway to get these shots but it was totally worth it.
 Double fist pump!

 Dippin Dots anyone? They look soft but are surprisingly hard
 too cute right? He was so excited about these pictures
 This one is kind of blurry but this is the dress I made a few weeks ago. I was loving this watercolor wild flower fabric. I wanted a simple semi straight skirt dress with a simple colored band. Nothing crazy but sometimes I am just feeling simple

 Yeah,  I know my bun is coming out so it looks like I have some weird unicorn horn but that's a pretty impressive jump right?

You better believe I got those gold J Crew flats for $5.00 at Down East. I love them and wear them all the time.


Sam said...

The salt flats rock and all, but that dress is AMAZING!! I was all set to ask you where you got it and then I scrolled down and saw that you MADE it. So awesome!

Angie said...

These pictures are awesome! And your dress is beautiful! I love it. Also the flats. And the fact that they were only $5 does in fact make them cuter. :) Good job.

Traci said...

So crazy cool! I'm envisioning my family pic this year...hmmm.

Katherine said...

I can't get over how cool your photos of the Salt Flats turned out-- what a fun shoot!

I love your wildflower dress-- so pretty and simple. Way to go!