Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poppies and a Lack of Blogging

 Oh yes the long awaited blog post. I have been MIA this past week because I have been trying to figure out my job situation. Is it stressing me out ... yes! So many decisions to make. I will let you know what I decide to do soon. Here is a little recap of our weekend and the projects I have been working on. After that Martha Stewart issue came out with the poppies all over the cover I knew I needed to make me some flowers. I have been wanting to for a few weeks now. I have been loving them and wearing them a lot. I decided I wanted to sell some after I got a lot of comments on them. So if you are interested just let me know and all the prices are below the flowers. I can also do custom ones if you are looking for a certain color. I think they look cute on baby onesies and sweaters too. Then you can just unpin them and wash the onesie without wrecking the flower This is a necklace I made forever ago but had yet to document it. I have been making lots of these out of my vintage jewelry collection and I will probably start trying to sell them too. I just need to see if people are even interested in something like this. So I hope you enjoy lots of pictures!!

( this is the one I am wearing in our easter picture)
 $12.00 red silk
 $12.00 pink silk
$12.00  Peach and ivory silk
$8.00 blue and white cotton
$12.00 pale blue and pink silk

 Happy Easter

 What's a good blog post without these two beauties. Are they not the most precious children ever?


Dayna said...

you should start an etsy shop! no joke!

Allison said...

i agree with dayna

Natalie said...

Hey Lauren - I came across your cute blog and was thinking you could display some of your stuff on Pinterest. Maybe you have already thought of that, but you are so talented- people should know about you!! It was fun being in the same ward for a little while. I hope you two are doing well!