Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Week

So I know this is super lame but it took me a whole week to blog again. I guess it's a good thing we decided to do this FHE weekly recap or our blog would suffer. So last week I didn't have a day off and Mike was busy studying for school and the DAT. We didn't have that much time together... typical.  I started going through I'm stressed about paying for dental school syndrome again and now I have convinced myself that I need another part time job. I don't know how many people that read my blog actually have husbands that are or went through medical or dental school but how did you make it work financially? I know everyone says to take out loans and I know we will have to but how much should we be trying to save ahead of time? How much of our own money should we invest into it first? I have been doing a lot of reading in the past week about typical expenses and average cost of everything. It's so depressing. I go through these moments were I just try to come up with some sort of plan so that we won't be swimming in debt. Those have been the majority of my thoughts this week. So yes I am on the lookout for another part time job. I really love working with kids, but I don't know what my chances are of finding something else like that. If anyone hears of anything let me know. 

On a happier note our Friday night was the first time in seriously 2 months that we have been able to have a date night and just hang out with friends. We went to the temple with some of my favorite people the Heaps and then we went to this mexican place on University Avenue called El Giro Girro. It was really good. They had this pineapple drink that was heavenly. Then we went back to Jane and Brady's apartment and played some games. It was honestly such a fun night for us. We don't get to do things like that very often these days.  Saturday was Mike's final DAT prep class. Dayna and I also went running everyday last week! We went and exchanged out TV for one that worked and then Mike's friend Devin got us totally sucked into the show Prison Break. As a result I have had a hard time sleeping at night and I am afraid to be in the back part of the house by myself.

 Sunday was sweet baby Vinny's baby blessing. He is seriously so precious. I love it. I will post pictures of these things once I get them from my mom. 

Today I plan on doing crafts since I spent all day yesterday cleaning our house. I have the whole week off for spring break. It has been great so far. Sorry this is such a lengthy post. I won't blog about our FHE last night until next week because we have some goals to reach first. Lets hope I can get some more quality posts out there before next Tuesday.


Angie said...

While my parents were in dental school, they were able to find a job as apartment managers. So they lived in the apartments for free, and also got paid to be the managers. It was a SWEET deal and they did very well financially while in dental school. I'm sure they took out loans too, but the bonus of free rent and the income from the job was a huge help for them. Ortho residency was a completely different story. At that time, residency was not paid (I think they often are now), so they lived in government subsidized housing and got food stamps.... i slept on a lawn chair as a little girl because they couldn't afford a bed. So... not a comforting thought, but the point is that they always paid their tithing and everything somehow worked!

Also the point, managing apartments is a great idea! I had a friend who did this recently and her hubby is now in dental school, it helped them soooo much.

Lauren Elizabeth said...

thanks Angie!!