Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Family Goals

I know this is going to sound pretty pathetic but for the first time since we have been married Mike and I had our first serious official FHE. It's not that we didn't have FHE, it was just always something like playing cards with friends or watching a movie together or just some good bonding time with family. We decided we were going to sit down and talk about how we wanted our Monday nights to go. 

1. First we will always sing the family night song. I grew up  singing it with my family every Monday night and I want it to be a tradition we do with our own kids.

2. We will come up with some sort of spiritual thing to do. This week we read a talk about families. 

3. We will blog. This will be our family journal every Monday night. My mom always had a big binder where we wrote down the things we had done the past week and the important events going on in our lives. Since I need to be better about blogging we decided to blog instead of a journal for now.

Our first official FHE went really well and we came up with family goals/ motto. Our blog for the week was our trip down South. So here I am to do a recap of the last week. My mom and I planned a shower for my darling friend Hillary that we threw Tuesday night( pictures are coming). Mike studied that night and took a test. He also took a test on Thursday and kicked it in the butt! He has been having a really great semester. I caught up on biggest loser and cleaned a lot. Thursday Dayna and I did cycling and we both were feeling it big time. Friday Dayna and I did a Bob biggest loser work out and were so sore all weekend. I worked all day Friday until 10:00. Dayna and I went running twice( if you hadn't caught on yet Dayna and I are on a mission) We spent the rest of the weekend with the fam eating yummy food and watching conference. While the boys were at conference the girls had a night out at Dear Lizzie. It was a great week. 

I left my camera in Alpine so I decided to put some great inspiration pictures up until I get some of us!

I love little details like this.

Kate and I will be making these this week

Where we spent our girl's night out

I want a grey tufted couch like this one


Sam said...

I want to make glitter shoes!

And I love that couch.

Kristine said...

i enjoy your blog! and seeing your house updates. great work!

miss u gurl!

ps. i like the idea of using fhe has a time to record family events. you'll love looking back on those memories and events.