Tuesday, February 22, 2011


How did I spend my holiday? Well the morning was full of sitting eating and spending time with my family. The afternoon was all cleaning and organizing. It has been consumin my life the past few weeks. I can't stand haveing things not organized and put together. I also want things to be beautiful.. even if it's a closet. So I have been going through each room working on making it better. I still have a lot of painting to do in the craft room and touch up in the guest room but our house is finally starting to feel put together. I promise one day pictures will come of our home but I am determined to finish it before I post things. So here is to another week of getting our house sorted through. Soon we will have to move on to the basement and that might actually kill me. There have been so many things going on with our family as I am sure everyone has already seen on Dayna's blog. I promise to post about that sweet addition soon. The spring cleaning bug hit us early this year so happy organizing!!

Check out the blog deliciously organized for some other awesome organizing tips!


Angie said...

Looking at these pictures makes me so happy. It also makes me want a house!! I love when you share these inspiration-type pictures you've found, I totally bookmark them so when I finally have a space of my own I will have lots of great ideas! Thanks! Can't wait to see what you do with the place.

MikeReid said...

sooooo...i might have just browsed your blog from our home. with the internet. that just got hooked up. good day.