Friday, February 4, 2011

Inspiration and Things I Love

 The next big room I have to work on at our house is my craft room. There is something about this kitchen that just makes me want to go make something.
 I love it. I love the variation of widths with the stripes and I love the feminine 
feel. I think it is darling.
 As many of you may have known I grew up with a rather large assortment of oversized bows in my hair. The majority took up a good 2/3 of my head.
 This picture makes me laugh because in a way I find it to be 
symbolic of my childhood.
 This picture makes me think of my grandma Magleby. She has 
an amazing collection of vintage dresses that 
we used for dress ups growing up. 

 I don't know what it is but cute potted trees and bushes in pairs are consuming my life. I want them everywhere. I got two small ones for our living room but is it bad 
to want them in my kitchen and in the entrance to the house. There 
is something about having live plants in the house that actually
 makes it feel more like a home. These two are 
just perfect in their little terra cotta pots.

I love little details. You know those big bags of truffles you can get at costco? How cute would this be for a fun spring time shower. It's such a great pop of color.

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Jessica Hauser said...

oh my gosh i love the stripes in the kitchen!! so cute! but i wonder how long it would take!!