Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For Mr. Reid

Mike with his nieces and nephews. Like I've said before he will be a great dad.

Hey there model behavior

Oh the dating days. Always have to give a throw back to the early stage of our relationship

I love him for his goofy side too

Look at this guy with the babies. Is that not precious?

This is mike cleaning the nasty fridge in the gross kitchen. That's love for ya

Mike will do anything I ask.. like climbing a magnolia tree in church clothes because I thought they were so pretty

the fruits of his labor

I'm hoping at least one of our children gets those beautiful eyes

This is just a reminder for how good looking he is.

My mom has a very similar picture on the same beach in Israel with my Dad's name in it. I thought I would keep the tradition many years later for my future husband

As I have gone through my usual blogs over the past week I can't help but notice that everyone is doing posts about their significant others. I feel like my posts have been lacking a lot in the Lauren and Mike area and have mostly been focused on the projects and ideas I have been up to. So I thought this would be the perfect time to do a tribute post to my most wonderful husband. I don't think he hears it enough from me how much I appreciate him. In all honesty I don't get to see Mike very much at all these days. He is so dedicated to school, work, studying for the DAT and shadowing dentists that we usually only see each other in the morning for an hour and then for dinner and right before bed. I miss the days of down time and doing whatever we wanted. Sad to say those days may be over for the next ten years until mike is done with school, but I'm okay with that... at least I say I am. 

There are so many things I admire about Mike. We have been doing a lot of babysitting over the past few months , and every time Mike impresses me with how he can win the kids over and keep them under control so I can have some much needed down time and get things done that I couldn't do with the kids. He will be a great father because he is so patient and fun. He is constantly helping me with the house projects even though he knows it's not necessary to fix our house anymore. He does it because he knows it means a lot to me. He is always leaving me sticky notes on the mirror for when I wake up and many times I have come home from work to a totally clean house. He always offers to help at family functions and steps in lots of times when others won't. He works and goes to school and studies all at once in efforts to provide for our family. He is loving and good looking. I love my husband so much and every day I am so grateful for how good he is to me. I promise to keep this blog focused on us some more so that this is a better recap of our married life together. I love you Mike and I miss you when you're gone and love the time we do have together.

Love Laur


Dayna said...

Loved reading this. You guys are awesome.

GOOOOOOO...... MIKE!!!!!!!!!!

Angie said...

So cute! I loved looking at all the pictures of you guys. What a gorgeous couple. Can't wait to see what your babies look like. :)