Sunday, January 10, 2016

Grace at 9 Months Old

We have been in Utah now for a month over Christmas break. So I never got the chance to do an 8 month update on Grace. I will just combine the 2 since I only have pictures of her at 9 months. Grace is a sweetie. She has such a loving personality. Since we came to Utah she has been a little bit more clingy to me. She has done really well going to other people and gets over me not holding her in about 10 seconds, but she has started really reaching for me and saying mama. She also loves to bite and chew on my chin. It is pretty weird, but she loves it and tried to get it all the time.

She is a great sleeper at night. She does 11 hours and still takes 3 naps during the day. At least one of her naps ends up being a bit more of a cat nap, so we will be dropping it soon.She had a rough time for about a week of our vacation, because she got sick. When we go to put Grace down, I turn on her white noise and sing to her a little. She knows that is her cue and she will rest her head down on my shoulder and snuggle me. It is one of my favorite things that she does.She has gotten much better at transferring from the car to her crib, when she falls asleep on the go. She still wakes up pretty early, so we are trying to push her bed time back a little. Right now she gets up at 6:30 and I'm hoping that going to back to eastern time will give us a chance to switch things a bit.

Grace is a bit more of a mama's girl than Vi was. Vi pretty much always preferred Mike over me. Grace seems to want me more or starts fussing for me to pick her up if I am in the room. She hasn't crawled yet. She leans really far forward and reaches for things and can scoot a little bit. She has her legs close to going on her knees. She still hasn't figured out how to put it all together. I am okay with it. I love my babies stationary as long as possible. 

Grace loves to feed herself. She will shovel food in and loves to pick it up. She has gotten really good at it over the past few weeks. She is still good about eating baby food, but you can tell she prefers to pick up pieces. Lots of times she spits her food at us. It seems like she does it to be funny, but she is so messy. She has gotten so good at communicating with us about food. We taught her the same little things we taught Vi. She picked up on it quickly and now it makes it so much easier to know when she is hungry. When she wants food in general she says "mmmmm". When she wants more food she says "mo". She loves to drink water from a sippy cup and is really good at picking it up and tipping it back to drink all by herself. She will do "mmmm" and "mo" when she sees anyone drinking. 

She has just started bobbing her head when she hears music. She likes to do this funny fake laugh when anyone fake laughs at her. She will copy us and say " mama and dada", but only on her terms. She does not like to perform. I have mentioned before, but she is a tough one to get to laugh. She loves to give a good blank stare at you. It's pretty funny. We have discovered that she is ticklish. For a long time we couldn't get anything out of her, but she is an easy target now. 

She likes to sit and play with toys. She loves for you to sit and pass a ball to her. She will chew on everything. It could be teething, but since she was about a month old she has liked to just chew on anything we give her. She has 2 cute little teeth on the bottom. 

Grace is a great baby. She loves to go for rides in the car and get out of the house. She shows some interest in Baby Einstein. She gets comments from people about her eyes almost everyday. They are so big and blue that they really stand out. She can do the how big is Gracie trick. She starts to giggle as soon as you start saying it. She also loves peek a boo. Violet is still number one in her book. That girl can get Grace to smile pretty much instantaneously. Like I said before that is not an easy feat. She loves the water and bath time. I am glad because I thought she might not take to it as well as Vi did. Now she just really loves it. 

We have been blessed to have this sweet bug in our lives. She brings us so much joy.

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