Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Grace at 5 Months

I never got around to publishing this post. We have been gone and out and about so much on trips. It has made blogging a little tricky. I feel bad I didn't sit down and jot some things about Grace at this stage. She was such a trooper with all of our driving and traveling in September. She of course is still sweet as can be, very immobile and a much more serious baby than Vi. Don't get me wrong she is happy and sweet and smily. It just takes more work to crack this girl. No teeth and we haven't tried solids yet. She loves to nurse and is much more comforted by nursing than Vi was. She is good about just sitting with you, but recently she has really started to like standing more. She has skinny little legs and not much of a belly. At this point she was still sleeping really well and napping great. Love this girlie so much!

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