Sunday, March 17, 2013

4 month Stats for the Bee Bop
(Did anyone else have a mom that called kids little bee bop? I don't know if that was just my mom or if that is a common nick name for little kids. I find myself calling Vi bee bop all the time.)
 Well it looks like my chunky monkey baby is not as chubby as I thought she was. Vi dropped down in some stats and stayed about the same in others.

14 pounds 1 ounce- 47th percentile
25 inches- 63rd percentile

All this time I seriously thought she was such a chunk but then I started noticing that she is still swimming in most 3-6 month clothes and now she is almost 5 months. I just assumed with all her rolls that she was pretty chubby but I guess I was wrong.

This girl is a gab fest. She is such a chatty Cathy. I almost always have to take her out in Sunday school and relief society because she can't stop talking. Some would say oh just give her a binky, but this girl just pulls it out and then proceeds to chew on her fingers and talk at the same time. It is about a 90 percent chance that you will catch Vi with her fingers in her mouth. She just chomps on them all day long. She has almost mastered rolling out of tummy time. She hasn't liked tummy time for awhile so I think she  figures it is more efficient to just roll out of it. She also arches her back all the time or tries to sit straight up in her car seat. You can tell she is just trying to figure out how to move this little body. She loves to look at herself in the mirror. She loves to watch the lions in her Baby Einstein movie. She always gets excited when they come on. she loves books. She will sit still with me for a long time just looking at book after book. She is still obsessed with the tub. She has started chewing on her tongue ( which is very long thanks to those Magleby genes). She has also decided that she loves to spit. She will blow spit bubbles and just straight up spit really loud out of no where. It is sick if you ask me but cute at the same time. She is our social butterfly. She loves to be around people and especially mom. She is totally fascinated with other babies. She hates to be alone in a room. She will start crying if she can't see anyone but as soon as I poke my head around and we lock eyes she smiles and is fine and she will go back to playing. She just always wants to be with someone. She still naps and sleeps like a dream and is making serious progress in the car. She is a happy baby, which I am so grateful for. She smiles a lot and overall has a really pleasant and sweet disposition. We feel really lucky to have such an easy going baby. She allows us to go and do things and get out a lot because we know she will be good. 
Here are lots more pictures of the bee bop. She gives us some really great faces.

 You guys remember the show Home Improvement ? I picture the signature Tim the tool man Taylor noise in this one.

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