Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Life of Vi
I was going to wait and post these pictures this weekend when she has her doctor's appointment and we get her new stats. Then I was looking through them and thought these are too cute. I want to put them up right now. So you're welcome Aunt Kate and Dayna for giving you more Vi overload. I guess this just means I will have to take more pictures this weekend for her 4 month post. Mike starts spring break tomorrow!!!!! I can't wait. Vi has been seriously missing daddy daughter time this past week with midterms. I will go through all her funny little details when I do her official 4 month post but she is a hoot. This girl already has a sense of humor. She is a total ham and loves the attention. She is growing so fast and I almost can't keep up with it. So here are some funny pictures. We honestly don't go outside much at all. The weather here in Michigan is pretty rough for a baby. So we entertain ourselves inside a lot. This weekend I am determined to break out her coats and get her outside and hopefully not freeze her. So when it comes down to it these pictures are pretty much for my family that tell me everyday to get more pictures up. Here is Vi in all her glory.

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