Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Pillows and a New Look

So I have been working on making our room look a little more put together. I made some pillows and decided to bring green into the room and then we found this bench at Costco on sale. I also decided to re do my jewelry board with some of my left over fabric from the pillows.  It has been fun to add a few new touches here and there to make our room feel more cozy.  We also picked up a new rug and put our ld one in the kitchen to help protect our floor a little better. I have been organizing and painting things like crazy at our house. I am determined to finally finish all these projects I have wanted to do. That is why I have not been blogging at all. I just want everything to be done and it takes a really long time. More pictures of our newly painted bathroom and living room will be happening soon. I promise to be a better blogger. There might be another wedding in the future so I will give updates on that soon too. For now enjoy our bright happy room.


Allison said...

ugh, your so talented. I'm talent jealous.

MikeReid said...

little disclaimer: you will never be "done" with the house. you're too creative to be "done." Never gonna happen.

Natalie said...

Your room is gorgeous-- this post is so inspiring! We're just moving into our apartment and there are projects all over the house that I've been wanting to get done to make it feel more like "home." This is just what I needed to read! Love all the detail.