Friday, January 21, 2011

Great Finds

 My new towels that are also anthro knock off from TJ Max.

 My knock off anthro bowls from TJ Max
 My trinket dish from Micheals that I got for a dollar. I put my ring on it at night. I kind of love it
 My new journal for 2011 from TJ Max. 
Fabric from the discount fabric store in Orem

Okay I know I know. I am a horrible blogger. But life has been busy. I have been going full force getting our house organized and clean and put together. I have been painting the bathroom , sewing pillows, painting the living room, cleaning out clutter and getting our rooms accessorized. It has been fun but it is kind of tiring. So here are a few great finds i have gotten over the past few weeks. They have all been so affordable and have made wonderful touches in our rooms. I am going to post our bedroom tomorrow. I am loving how it all is turning out.

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