Monday, December 6, 2010

Home Again

I made it back from Denmark on Saturday. I was so tired after all the traveling and then going to the BYU basketball game that I have been pretty low energy these past 2 days. I am home now and wanted to give an update on our amazing trip. Dayna took most of the pictures while we were there so I had to steal some from her blog post. 
 Couldn't you just eat her up. One of the best parts of this trip was getting to play with Jayne and see how much she has changed over the past few months. She is so chatty and funny. I can't wait for them to be back in the states. 
 Oh yes for the fur hats. These things were seriously amazing. I can't explain how cold we were and not once was my head cold when I was wearing that sweet beehive of a hat. Don't judge me and my fur ball ties. That hat will be making a reappearance very soon I think.

 Tivoli was incredible. They had such fun shops and christmas decorations. It was by far the most festive market we went to. I think we would have stayed longer if we all hadn't been freezing to death that night. My mom found some awesome ornaments and a really cute Santa there.
 In Denmark they like to decorate with hearts. It was so fun to see this tree all decked out in big heart lights.
 We made our way to a castle our second day. Hmm that's weird you would think it was the same day because I'm wearing pretty much the same outfit. I'm afraid the only way you will be able to tell the difference in which day it is would be by looking at the color of my scarf. Once again please don't judge me.
 The ballroom was breath taking.
 How fun are these lights over the shopping streets. My mom and I were saying it would look amazing at a wedding!
 We went and saw the statue of the little mermaid while we were there. The story was written by a Danish man named Hans Christian Anderson.
Oh my gosh she is so cute in that snow suit. Jayne was such a trooper through all the long days of traveling.

I had an amazing trip. I always love going on vacation with my mom because she is up for anything and is such a great travel buddy. It was a really neat experience to get to go to the country of my ancestors and learn about their culture. I love how active the people are there and I love the architecture. I have more pictures from my mom's camera coming soon but for now i hope you all enjoy a little taste of our trip abroad. 


Ynna said...

love your black boots lauren, where are they from?

Lauren Elizabeth said...

They are coach. They were at nordstrom last year. They are really comfortable!