Sunday, November 29, 2009

Picture Story of My Last Few Weeks

Life in the Holy Land

I have been to a lot of ruins and castles over the past few weeks but this was one of my favorite. We got to be there as the sun was setting and it was so beautiful.

Yes I was a Falafal for Halloween. Explanation: this is a popular middle eastern food. It typically includes 3 falafal balls in a pita with veggies and humus. Google it for a picture of the real thing and this costume will become that much better

Just chilling in the Jordan River... no big deal

We visited a Mosque in Jordan and had to be fully decked out in black robes. I felt a little like I was in Harry Potter

Pools of Bethesda

Petra rocked my world! It was one of the favorite places I have been to thus far. It was amazing

Sukkot at the Western Wall watching the Jewish people wack their willows

I love the Old City. It is so different then what I expected . The limestone streets are my favorite.
Egypt was a blast as you can tell. We spent about 9 days there.

Jane and I on the Villa Delerosa. We had to do a certain amount of sites by the end of our class so some days we would just go around all day seeing churches and places on the list

Dome of the Rock for the first time. We can only go during certain times and it's hard to coordinate with class and our trips, so I haven't been able to go as much as I would like.

I have been so busy I haven't had a spare moment to do anything. I decided my mind needed a break for a few minutes so I decided it was about time I did a blog of what I have been up to. I don't have that much time so this will be mostly photos.


Samiam887 said...

The picture of you and the sphinx = AMAZING

Lindsey said...

Look how pretty you are! I love this last picture of you!

Dayna said...

Wow, amazing!!! And you look absolutely gorgeous in every picture.

Ok so I have another request.... I want a cool scarf like the ones you have! I'm assuming you got them there, right? Will you get me a colorful one like that? Love them!!!