Monday, July 6, 2009

Sweet BBQ


The other day I decided to try these out for fun. I saw them on Bakerella and thought they looked very festive for summer time. They ended up being really cute but a few words of advice to those who make them. In order for the bun part of the burger to turn out better than mine, you need to find a recipe for a dense cupcake. I used a box one which was not the best idea but it did save time. The second thing is I used a white chocolate buttercream frosting, which is really good, but does not look as realistic for the lettuce. They ended up tasting really good and were pretty cute.


MIKEREID said...

are you kidding me? these are freakin awesome.

Shauna said...

i totally made these too! hahaha we are the same.

i miss you :(