Thursday, February 5, 2015

Violet at 27 months

I haven't done an update on Violet in awhile. Once all the hustle and bustle of the holidays calmed down I went into super nesting mode. I have a huge list of projects and things to organize. I realized yesterday that I have been neglecting the whole point of this blog! So here is a little update about our sassy pants these days.

To say Violet is spunky and has personality would be an understatement. I know lots of times blogs turn into this place where people talk about how awesome and great their kids are all the time. To be honest this has been one of the harder times for me as a parent. 2 year old have a lot of personality and a lot of opinions. It is really hard as a parent to let them have their independence yet stay firm to all the things that you need to. Vi is so bright. It shocks me daily everything that she retains. Everyone who meets her comments on her crazy vocabulary and how articulate she is. This makes things hard and easy at the same time. We have had to work a lot on how we phrase things and the correct way to talk to friends and family and just bringing things to her level. Teaching kids to be polite in dramatic situations is so hard because you want to instill those good values but they also can't learn everything at once! she is picking up on things but it is still hard not to throw a fit when your friend pushes you or a toy gets taken by another kid. This means that daily we talk about how to act and what to say. It can be draining at times.

Violet has developed a sense of humor. She will make jokes and switch the words of songs and think she is so funny. One of her favorite phrases is to call people a silly goose. She loves to tell people what to do. She will tell her friends not to walk in the rode. She will tell me not to toss her stuffed animals into the toy basket because it will bonk their head. About 40 minutes after she has gotten in trouble she likes to recount the entire story to me. She will say what she did wrong and how she had to go to time out and how we have to be nice. Its pretty cute and it gives me a glimmer of hope that some of the stuff is sinking in.

She likes to pick out her own clothes these days. Pretty much everyday she wants a dress or a tutu on. she will come up to me and go " mom I have an idea. Can I put on a ballerina dress? That's a great idea!" She is the ultimate girl. Everyday she asks for music and her dancing shoes. She will twirl and roll on the floor and jump around. She is seriously into ballerinas and all things princess. It is really cute. She also loves to have her nails painted and when her hair isn't done she will turn to me and say, "mom my hair is a little bit crazy, can you fix it?" Like I said she is a total girl. 

We are on week 4 of potty training and she is really doing awesome with it. She picked up on everything really quickly. We are still working on a lot of false alarms in the poop department, but other than that she is pretty much a pro. She turned to her nursery leaders a few times on Sunday and said " oh no the poops coming." They got a good laugh out of it. She will even wake up in the night and ask us to take her poop or pee. I'm not loving the getting woken up out of sleep factor but I do love that she is figuring it all out so well.  It has been super nice to only use one diaper a day since we will be in full on diaper mode again here in 2 months.

Vi loves to sing. She will sing in the car, while she colors and pretty much everywhere we go. She has started making up songs. Mike and I get a good laugh out of some of the combinations she puts together. She loves singing songs from Frozen and Cinderella. She also loves all the typical kids songs too. She will pound on her piano and xylophone and just belt it out. 

She is as friendly as they come. When she sees her friends she will yell to them and wave and giggle and get so excited. There is usually a lot of jumping up and down. She really loves people and is not very shy. She warms up pretty quickly to most everyone she meets. She always wants to know people's names and what they are doing or where they are going.

She is a total drama queen and loves to blow things out of proportion. Sometimes it is hard for me not to just laugh at her. If she gets pushed she will burst into tears and yell," Hey, don't push Violet. That makes me sad. Mom, my eyes have water and I'm a little bit sad" she will continue to cry and sob and then turn it off just like that. Total drama. She hates going to her room for time out and if I say she has to go she will immediately yell, "Sorry mom, sorry mom, SORRY" and then she will grab my face with both hands and stare at me in hopes that she has somehow gotten out of it. 

She makes life more than interesting and tests my patience daily, but she is a sweetheart and will ask to snuggle me all the time. She gives my belly hugs and kisses and is probably one of the sweetest toddlers I have ever seen with little babies. She is really going to be an amazing big sister. We love this spunky girl. Hopefully I can stay on top of this blog a little better since it is my main source of documenting. Now here are some pictures of Vi in her room dancing and switching shoes about a hundred times.

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