Monday, February 3, 2014

15 months

Seriously I don't like the fact that this girl is getting so big. It is really a hard balance. I love that she is exploring the world and learning to talk and is getting this spunky personality but I just hate the fact that every months she gets closer and closer to a kid and less and less my baby. Vi is my buddy and I love taking the time each month to think about her and everything she is learning and doing. Here are the updates this month

She is starting to actually want to snuggle with us. She of course prefers to do it with dad but she is slowly starting to include me. 

Vi's hair is out of control. She has a double cowlick and her hair is getting long and she pretty much looks like she has perma bed head. She is all about brushing her hair and brushing her teeth and she now can say bow ( proud mom moment).

I won't go into all the words she says because it is seriously a huge list now. She can pretty clearly tell me just about anything she wants and if she can't figure out the word we can usually get her to at least show us by pointing. She has learned a lot of fruits and drinks and things around the house.

She has gotten a bit screamy when she doesn't know a word. I understand her frustration but she is kind of driving us nuts when she does it. We are working on her getting our attention by saying our names instead of screeching. We are slowly making progress with that one. 

Multiple doctors have told us how verbal she is for her age. They have encouraged us to keep doing what we are doing and trying to expand her vocabulary. We actually started working on some letters because she has shown interest. She can now find O and S with her puzzle.

She is still into her books and now prefers to read them out loud. We try to find one thing on each page that she knows a word for so that she really looks at every page.

She has started singing in the tub and in her room as she walks around. 

She has gotten better with letting other little kids in her space. A few times now she has turned to us when one or more kid is on her and says " All done, all done!!" Haha I love watching her figure out how to communicate with us. 

I started taking her to nursery on Sunday instead of roaming the halls. She likes playing with the toys and I am hoping when it comes time to actually drop her off there she will be accustomed with it enough to not cry.

 She is big into singing songs with hand motions. She sings along with us now and does a lot of the motions, which is really fun. Her favorites are, Patty Cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Popcorn Popping.

We have gone down to one nap in the past week. I'm still trying to adjust her to the new schedule.

 She loves to pretend things are phones and walks around saying "Ello" She loves to facetime grandma and Aunt Kate. Lots of times she will point to my phone and say " Maaamaw" or "Kaay". It is really cute. 

She is mastering the walk now and is getting to a light jog. She still has a serious waddle because of her huge tummy. 

She loves shoes and socks. She loves to pull out clothes from the laundry basket and put them on her head or around her shoulders. 

 She loves fans right now and watching them spin around. She also loves circles. She says circle and we trace her finger around anything circular. 

We are going a little nuts from the polar vortex and I can't wait until spring!!! 

She is a good girl and minus the language barrier she has made this whole staying inside all day pretty easy, all things considering. I can't wait to be able to get out of the house with her and play in the grass. Winter is pretty hard in Michigan. Luckily we have great friends and lots of other babies for company.  Here are the usual bunch of pictures of the Vi girl this month.

Mike taught Vi to sit up and then go one two three and fall over.

                                                       Always crossing her ankles

                      The best shot of her two upper teeth that are almost done coming in

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Sydney said...

She is so beautiful Lauren! I seriously can't get over her long eyelashes! What a beauty! I need to MEET this child!! Sigh...someday!