Monday, December 9, 2013

The Big Apple
So when we found out that my aunt Holly would be moving to New York for a year for culinary school Mike and I knew we had to make the trip over Thanksgiving to see her. She was going to cook the whole meal!! Sign me up! That was not the only reason we wanted to go. My dad's other sister my aunt Heather and her family live in New Jersey. We hardly get to see them and since we are so close to the east coast we thought it would be a great chance to spend a holiday with them. Mike had also never been to New York! My good friend Amanda lives in New York too and I had not met her cute little girl Emma Perry yet. My cousin Klane and his wife Angie also live there and we don't get to see them very often either. So as you can see we had a serious amount of reasons to go to New York. 
So Tuesday night before Thanksgiving we hoped in our car and drove almost the whole way. Then we hit that nasty snow storm that came in and decided to call it a night and get a hotel. Wednesday we got up and drove to NJ to my aunts house. She drove us into the city to drop off our luggage at my cousin Hayley's house, who we would be staying with. Then she drove us right into Time Square. Okay so the weather that first day was pretty awful. There was lots of rain and wind and it was cold. So we tried to stay inside the best we could. We went into the shops around time square. I especially wanted to take Vi into Toys R Us to see the ferris wheel and all the characters. We went to the New York Public Library and saw the children's book exhibit and walked around a christmas market there. I loved it. I think it is so important to read to children and I appreciate so much that my parents made an effort to read to us. It was so interesting to see. We had pizza two different times that day! One was from a hole in the wall place around the corner from Hayley's house. The pieces were seriously bigger than our heads. The other was a brick oven style. Both were really good. They were out of banana pudding at Magnolia's so we got cupcakes( Am I the only one who is not really a fan of their cupcakes??) We walked and saw Rockafeller center and watched the christmas display on the side of Saks. Inside Saks was breathtaking with all the snowy branches! I loved it. We managed our way on the subway and got Vi down for bed at a decent hour. She was eating up all the attention from new people.  I decided to take these posts one day at a time since I am still catching up on orders for the shop and Vi is napping. First day despite the weather was still very fun!

Oh and P.S. the post should really be Mike goes to New York bc pretty much all my pictures are of him. I was just so excited for him to be experiencing it all!!

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Sydney said...

SO FUN!!!! And that Violet, she gets cuter and cuter. And of course she's the most stylish baby in NYC.