Friday, January 25, 2013

Finally an Update
These pictures were taken when Vi was a month old. I have been so bad about updating the blog. I have gotten into the bad habit of just instagraming our days and the updates on our girl. I need to be better about getting all her pictures on here. I still need to blog about Utah and meeting all her family, but I don't have the pictures from our trip on my computer. So here are the ones I do have. Violet is such a good baby. She had a cold in Utah that came home with us. It was a rough patch for this girl. She cried a lot more than she normally did. We had to suction a lot of boogers out of her nose, which made her really mad. She also didn't sleep very well. We are finally over that rough patch and getting back to our old routine. It is so crazy to see how much she has changed just in these pictures. We love our baby girl.

1.5 Months

3 Months
Here is the 3 month update on sweet Vi. She has gotten so much more mobile. She kicks and hits her toys. She smiles and is so happy.
She is finally getting better about the car. She never really had a problem with her car seat but as soon as she got clicked in the car she would freak. Now she talks to herself and hardly cries ( makes running errands for mom so much better)
She discovered she can splash in the tub. She still love love loves the tub.
She finally starting standing. This girl had serious jello legs up until about 2 weeks ago.
We tried the bumbo for the first time. She went a little crazy on us the first time but now she will sit and be happy.She has had a harder time getting back to her really good sleep habits since she had a cold. 
She now squeals.
She dropped from the 90th and 80th percentile to the 70th and 60th percentile for all her stats. At 2.5 months she was 24.5 inches long and 12 pounds 8 ounces. 

 Are you kidding me with those lashes?? She doesn't get them from me.


Áňa said...

Aah! She's such a lovely girl :)

Kaori said...

she is adorable! I can't get over the little outfits you put on her. way cute.