Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall in Ann Arbor
I have been bad about keeping up with our blog since we moved. I think it is mostly because Mike is so busy and we only get to do a few things here and there that are picture worthy. I have been trying to capture some good Fall pictures of us. The leaves are changing here and it is beautiful. This is Mike's first real Fall with tons of trees. We have gone on a few walks and we have been out to the cinder mill twice now for the donuts (they are amazing!). So of course here is a picture recap of the last month.

Dexter is Honestly one of the cutest little towns. It is about 20 minutes or so from where we live. I went up there with my friend Kristin who is due about a week before me. We are trying to walk these baby girls out. We walked through the shops of downtown and along the river. It is so gorgeous this time of year.

Dexter Cider Mill
I have never been a huge fan of cider but this place is seriously amazing. There donuts are honestly some of the best I have ever had. I guess it is pretty typical to dip your donut in the cider here. We tried it and now I am never going back. It is so good. I would not be surprised if we went a few more times before it gets too cold.

Pumpkin Patch
Mike had never been to a real pumpkin patch... seriously. Our friends the Edwards planed a Fall harvest party where we got pumpkins and made carmel apples. It was such a cute pumpkin patch. They even drive you our on a hay wagon to go get them. Of course Mike probably had more fun playing in the corn field then actually looking at pumpkins but it was still a success.


Sara said...

i'm dying over that town. i want to live there. and the donuts look ammmazing!

i'm keeping my fingers crossed baby vi comes soon!

Dayna said...

why did you have to post those donuts. i have no self restraint these days and those donuts look AMAZING!!! What are the donuts themselves like? In other words, if I want to try and replicate the same thing here... what kind of donut do I need to pair with the cider? Lol. I'm serious though and expect an answer ;)

The leaves look so beautiful! Looks like such a great place especially during this time of year. Loved all the photos, you guys look great!!!