Sunday, June 3, 2012

Monette's Birthday

So today is my mom's birthday and I had just enough time to pull together a table for her since Mike and I have been in California all week( pictures to come). It doesn't hurt that my mom has the most amazing peony garden you have ever seen. They are seriously exploding right now and I am in heaven. Josie and I pulled together some arrangements and the table honestly smelt incredible. A perfect girlie table for my incredible mom. We even busted out the pink chargers for her. Happy Birthday Mom I love you so much. 

We also made our annual trip to the poppies but they hit earlier than we thought this year and there were not many left by the time we got there. Mike and I still got a few precious pictures together. I also couldn't help posting the cute kiddies. Vin's cheeks are to die for.


Carly said...

gorgeous lauren! where did you get that tablecloth?!?! Im in love:)

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday to Monette! (Those peonies are simply incredible-- wow!)

Congratulations on your pregnancy and on your second wedding anniversary!!