Monday, June 20, 2011

For my mom's 50th birthday we pulled off the ultimate surprise party for her. We had to do everything in secret and a lot of the time we were trying to make up reasons for her to leave so we could work on stuff. Mike made a fake invitation and my aunt supplied an old engagement picture that she had received. My dad told her he was taking her out to dinner but they needed to stop by a reception at the Salt Lake Hardware building for a couple in his ward. We got together as many of my mom's closest friends and family and gave her a pretty rockin party. Sorry it took me so long to post about this. Life has been crazy as I have said many times before.

We invited anyone who wanted to make party hats. So maybe I was on a royal wedding kick and thought it would be so fun to make fascinators. Everyone did their own interpretation but it was a blast!

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Sydney said...

Fabulous! I've been waiting for this post!