Friday, September 24, 2010

The O.C. Fair

 The lovely pig at the fair. We missed the great picture of me petting the baby pigs. They were so cute. I almost wanted one until I saw what they would become. 
Isn't he cute?
 Our date night while we were in California
 We decided we had to try one thing deep fried while we were there. We figured if we split it we wouldn't be totally killing ourselves. We had also gone running that day so we felt like it was deserved. We went for the fried Klondike bar.

 These were our two favorite rides at the fair
These were the freaky Chinese acrobats that we watched twice because we thought it was so cool/ creepy

Yes I know I just did two blog posts but I am playing catch up. I have been a horrible blogger and the kids are all at school

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