Monday, August 9, 2010



This was our special honeymoon dinner at the Brazilian restaurant the second night we were there. 
Then there is me plowing through hunger games and catching some sun

 Mike on his 10th pina colada of the day. He took advantage of the open bar... k maybe we both did

Just kickin it

Mexico was amazing and we needed the break. The weeks leading up to the wedding were so stressful and all we needed was some time to sit and do nothing. We relaxed at the pool and read and went swimming and got lots of sun. It was crazy hot but we loved it.


Samiam887 said...

I love these! You guys both look so pretty. And your bathing suits = my favorite.

Angie said...

I love your swimming suits. I've seen those and really wanted to get one. So cute! You guys look great. Beautiful pictures! Looks like such a fun trip.

Dayna said...

a couple things:

- the picture of you guys at the pool. click on it, zoom in, and notice the hairy guy in the background's face.
- the last picture is my favorite. what a cute couple you make.